The Dynamic Consent Management Platform that simplifies consent in the digital age


Get a full record of data
and consent decisions
anytime, anywhere


All patient data is fully encrypted
and patients can remain anonymous


Flexible setup
with a functional API


Easy-to-use interface
and straightforward use-flow

Our goal is to support a FAIR and transparent research infrastructure for both researchers and research participants.

By using secure authentication and cryptographic techniques, MyConsent facilitates the creation of an anonymous link between a research participant and datasets stored elsewhere.

With this link, researchers are able to ask research participants for consent without having to know their identity, only using the dataset identifier.

This way, research participants can remain anonymous while being in full control over the use of their data.

Connecting research participants with researchers

MyConsent lays the foundation of an anonymous two-way communication thread between researchers and research participants.

Research participants, the data owners, remain in control and decide whether or not to receive new research invitations and get notified via e-mail.

They can review all of their forms and change their mind about the participation in a study at any time.


As part of a BBMR voucher and in collaboration with researchers from the University of Oxford, Leiden University Medical Center and DTL, Castor has completed the first prototype of MyConsent that integrates with FAIR data endpoint technology (see video).

Now, we are preparing for a first pilot with patients in 2018.
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MyConsent is a project by Castor.
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